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Squeezing on chip experiment published in Science Advances

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Our latest paper on the generation, manipulation and detection of continuous variable quantum states of light on chip has been published on Science Advances. This is a collaboration with the groups of Prof. Elanor Huntington and Prof. Ping Koy Lam from the Australian National University, and Dr. Hidehiro Yonezawa from the University of New South

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Congrats to Paul for arriving runner-up the Griffith final of the 3 minutes Thesis competition

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After winning the Griffith Science pool of the 3MT, our PhD student Paul Fisher placed second at the Griffith Uni final with a great presentation entitled “Internet over the rainbow”. Well done Paul and enjoy your $750 prize! Here is the video of Paul’s presentation (click here).

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A/Prof. Lobino has been awarded the prestigious Future Fellowship from the Australian Research Council

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Grant success for the IQT group. The Australian Research Council awarded close to $900k to our group for the realization of a ion trap-waveguide technology for long distance quantum communications. This is a recognition of the great work done so far by our team.

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Congratulations to our PhD student Ben Haylock who won a SPIE scholarship

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Big congrats to Ben Haylock who was awarded a $3,000 scholarship from SPIE. Here is the official press release from SPIE (click here)

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Our paper on integrated continuous variable photonics is on Arxiv

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Our latest work on an integrated chip that can generate, manipulate and homodying nonclassical light on a chip can be read on This work is a collaboration between several CQC2T groups.

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Our paper entitled “A single-atom 3D sub-attonewton force sensor” has been published in Science Advances

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Our recent results on the measurement of a zeptoNewton force using a single ion appeared in the latest issue of Science Advances. Congratulations to the ion trap team and our CSIRO collaborators for the great effort.

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Our paper on classical tomography has been published

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Our paper entitled “Direct characterization of a nonlinear photonic circuit’s wave function with laser light” has been published on the journal Light: Science and Applications. If you want to know more about it watch the video made by Paul and Matteo.

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