• quantum random number generation

    Image of parallel homodyne detectors for measuring vacuum fluctuation

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  • Electro-optics waveguide device

    Lithium niobate chip with electrodes

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  • The ion trap team at work

    Kenji, Valdis and Steven working on the chip trap

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  • Thorium Nuclear Atomic Clock

    Image of our Paul Trap for Thorium

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  • Ion Trap Laboratory

    We run the first working ion trap in Australia

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Classical tomography of quantum device

With our collaborators from the ANU and UTS, we demonstrated a new protocol for the characterization of quantum devices

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Electron beam lithography

Our Raith 150 Two electron beam lithography system. This machine can pattern structures down to few tens of nanometres.

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Ion-photon interface

In our laboratory we use a micro fabricated surface ion trap with integrated diffractive mirrors for the efficient collection of ion fluorescence.

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Lithium niobate waveguide fabrication

In our facility we can fabricate waveguides, periodic poling and electrodes structures on Lithium Niobate wafers.

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Our Research Group

We are a research group from Griffith University working on the development of quantum technologies using integrated optics and trapped ions. We are part of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Quantum Computation and Communication Technology.

Our labs include a fabrication facility for the production of waveguides in lithium niobate and the first chip trap with integrated

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Our latest results

Our group demonstrated for the first time the generation, manipulation and detection of continuous variable quantum states of light on chip. Here is a video about this experiments (link).

Our PhD student Daniel Peace talks about his project on the generation of random numbers from quantum fluctuations of vacuum. For more information about this experiment watch the video made by our team.

For more information on the research of our group visit the Youtube channel of the Centre for Quantum Dynamics.

CQD Youtube channel

A/Prof. Mirko Lobino


My work focus on integrated quantum photonics and its application to quantum computation and sensing. I established a new facility at Griffith University for the fabrication of integrated optical devices in lithium niobate (LN), crystal periodic-poling and rec

A/Prof. Erik Streed


I am an associate professor at Griffith University’s Gold Coast campus. As a member of the Institute for Glycomics and the Centre for Quantum Dynamics I am  interested in adapting techniques from quantum physics to solving problems in understanding the beha

Dr. Ben Haylock

Post Doc

Mr. Valdis Blums

PhD candidate

Mr. Paul Fisher

PhD candidate

Mr. Steven Connell

PhD candidate