Monthly Archives: August 2017

IQT graduation

Congratulations to Irtiza for the award of his PhD. Dr. Hussain graduated with a thesis entitled “Geometric Phase Gates and development of dedicated laser sources for quantum computing”.

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Our 3C SiC on Glass paper has been published

Our paper “Single-Crystalline 3C-SiC Anodically Bonded onto Glass: An Excellent Platform for High-Temperature Electronics and Bioapplications” has been published in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces (IF=7.5). Congratulations to Dr Phan and the team from the Queensland Micro and Nanotechnology Centre who led the project.

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CLEO-PR Presentation

Ben presented a talk titled “Active demultiplexing of single photons from a solid-state source,” and a poster titled “Direct characterization of a nonlinear photonic circuit’s wavefunction with laser light” on behalf of all co-authors at the CLEO- Pacific Rim conference in Singapore.

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