Our single photon demultiplexing paper has been published

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Our paper “Active demultiplexing of single-photons from a solid-state source” has been published in Laser and Photonics Reviews (IF=8). This work was an excellent triple collaboration between the groups of Prof. Andrew White at UQ, Prof. Pascale Senellart at Universite Paris-Saclay, and ourselves.

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Our classical tomography paper is now on the Arxiv

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Our latest work entitled “Direct characterization of a nonlinear photon circuit’s wave function with laser light” is now on the Arxiv. This a work done in collaboration with the group of Andrey Sukhorukov from ANU. Great job to Francesco et al.

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IQT graduation

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Congratulations to Francesco for the award of his PhD. Dr. Lenzini graduated with a thesis entitled “Integrated Quantum Photonics with Annealed and Reverse Proton Exchanged Lithium Niobate waveguides”.

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